Sunday, 12 July 2015

Crafty: Grainline - Scout Tee (X2!)

After getting back from holiday I have been able to go on a sewing spree - in the sense that I become insanely productive for a couple of days and turn the living room into (in Harrys words) a "sweat shop". He really puts up with it so well, particularly when there are spray pins in the carpet and not an inch of table free. I also had a big reorganise of my sewing cupboard (really its half a cupboard as Harry uses the other half for his brewing) and divided the useful scraps from the not-so-useful scraps.  So now I have a big Wilko's plastic box full of useful bits of fabric!

I have been eyeing up the Grainline Scout Tee pattern for sometime, particularly as I loved making the Moss Skirt (yet to post up!) and Archer Shirt. I ended up making 2 tees in the space of 24 hours and using some useable scraps. The problem with using scraps is that I found you sometimes have to divide a pattern piece and sew the parts together, which is what I ended up needing to do for the tiger tee.

Tee 1
Tiger stripe in pink from Cotton + Steel  - I had brought this to make a pair of pj shorts so had a large amount left over. You can see where I have had to cut the back pattern piece as two parts as there was not quite enough fabric - however I think it worked out pretty well looking like a back yoke detail! I love my french seams and so ever since learning how to do them all my projects have had them. I just love having such a clean and tidy finish with no raw edges.

Tee 2
Light weight cotton from Etsy - so cool and easy to wear although slightly see-through. The fabric is slightly off-white (as it is unbleached). I am planning on wearing this tee with a black skater skirt (stay tuned) for my graduation in a few weeks. 

L xx


  1. Very pretty! Love the Tigers especially. And it is hugely satisfying to make something from scraps or leftovers - in my world such garments are classed as freebies!

    1. Aw, thanks! That is such a good way of thinking of them!

  2. Lauren! These are so sweet! Especially the cream one - such nice fabric! ♡ x