Sunday, 19 July 2015

Crafty: Tilly and the Buttons - Bettine (wearable toile)


So this week has been the first week at work and back into a proper "working routine" after what seems like an entire summer holiday its self off. I'm really glad to be back busy all day especially as if I'm home with nothing to do for too long I just end up spending too much on fabric and patterns (not too bad though)! I have also started watching RuPaul's Drag Race - which is amazing. Harry and I have been addicted to it and have finished off an entire season in less than an week. I love the challenges where they have to make their costumes the best - to be able to come up with such amazing concepts like that is something I definitely cannot do.


Last week I saw that Tilly and the Buttons had launched two new patterns (Bettine and Fifi). I had never sewn one of Tillys patterns before but when I saw the two together for £20 I had to order them, also any dress with pockets steals my heart. I decided to make a wearable toile of Bettine first as I had some fabric brought in the sale from M is for Make. I didn't expect the fabric to be quite as brown - but this was definitely my fault as I forgot that I had left Flux on the computer which turned it more of a maroon colour. Nether-the-less I think the wearable toile turned out pretty well and will be a nice dress to wear in the autumn with tights and a cardigan.


The instructions were nice and easy to follow, with great colour photographs of the stages. Its definitely a pattern I would recommend for beginners as it was quick and simple - for example it has kimono sleeves which are very straight forward.


I didn't have the correct width of elastic so ended up using 1 inch instead of 1/2 inch wide which the pattern calls for. I think that on retrospect I should have gone up a size for the skirt as it was a little tight on my hips and I prefer it to be looser. I will definitely be making another but I think I will adjust the pattern to make the skirt a bit more "flowy". I made a size 3 for the top with a 4 for the skirt.

L xx

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  1. Dress's with pockets are just the best! And its such a nice shape too! :) x