Thursday, 17 May 2012


This is a blog about food - and maybe sometimes about me. I love baking and cooking; people always tell me that what I make is really good (and I hope it is...), so here I am going to post what I make and the recipe I made to make it. But this is not just about me, it is about all the wonderful food and drink out there! If I see something I like I will post it.

I don't like using recipes and exact amounts. Cooking is best done by tasting all along and adding what you feel like - you are going to have to eat it after all so make it take how you want! Initial ideas almost always turn out to be genius ideas!

Everything is simple enough to make as long as you break it down and understand why. Food always tastes better when you have enjoyed making it, which is why I believe recipes should be kept as simple and un-poncy as possible. I don't really like using fancy, expensive ingredients - BUT I do think it is really important to use good quality and value.

Enough with the formalness...

The next few posts are going to be of things I have recently made (Complete with pictures... Oh yes! I can use a camera!)

All opinions are welcomed - please give me feedback!

L xx

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