Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Crafty: Grainline Archer - Bunny attack!

I finally made an Archer! After seeing so many lovely Grainline Archers I was itching to make one. Cue awesome bunny fabric. 

It really is a great pattern and easy to follow. I really like the result and will definitely be making more Archers - got a few planned in my head already.

The buttonholes are a little off mark but as this was the first time using the magical buttonhole setting on my new machine I can forgive myself. 

I love the look of the back of the shirt.

I have to admit I did skimp on collar - partially due to lack of fabric and also laziness I decided to use just the collar stand to make a "mandarin style" collar. But I really like the look of the little collar, I think next Archer will have a full collar for comparison.

L xx

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