Friday, 25 July 2014

Crafty: By Hand - Anna Dress

I have read a lot about the Anna Dress by Hand London and it did not disappoint. First off the pattern and instructions came in gorgeous packaging. I found this fabric in the sale on Seamstar which made me do a little "woop" with excitement as I had been eyeing it up for a while. The customer service at Seamstar is fanastic. I got a call the day after I ordered the fabric asking if the zip I purchased with it was to go with the fabric as they had a cream zip (I ordered white) which matched the back ground and would I like them to swap it in - and then the parcel arrived the next day! I wholeheartedly recommend.

 Again I'm afraid no photos of me wearing it but when on it fits perfectly. Instead of darts to create the bust the pattern calls for pleats this works great as it allows the bodice to flow into the skirt while dipping in at the waist.

I'm pretty proud of this dress as I managed to incorporate french seams - which I am now loving and will be doing on all my projects until I can afford an overlocker *sigh*

I now have my eye on the other By Hand patterns - particularly the Georgia Dress. Probably a project soon!



  1. Your Anna is gorgeous, I'm just about to start a toile for the bodice so I'm in the 'really excited to start a new project but nervous about fitting issues' mode. I have also been eyeing this fabric up recently and now you've gone and convinced me to buy it!!!!

    1. Aw thanks! Its a great pattern and I think the fabric complements it well. Let me know how yours goes :D I'm sure it will turn out great xx

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